/// Castings & Forgings - Unique Facilities

Prepration work of Teeth for 5 cm shovel at HMBP
Base of Dragline at SFW 15.10.10 004

Melting Furnaces:

30T Electric arc Furnace 2 Nos.
10T Electric arc Furnace 1 No.
5T Induction Furnace 1 No.
2T Induction Furnace 1 No.


Secondary Refinement Furnaces:

60T Vacuum Arc Degassing unit 1 No
90T Vacuum Degassing unit 2 Nos.
60T Ladle Furnace 1 No

VAD Furnace



Forging Facilities:

6000T Hydraulic Press 1 no.
2650T Hydraulic Press 1 no.
1650T Hydraulic Press 1 no.
1000T Hydraulic Press 1 no.
3T/1.6T Hammer 2 nos.
Die Forging Units (15T & 1600 Kg) 1 each

6000 T Press

Heat Treatment Facilities:

Low Frequency Induction Hardening M/c (50 Cycles) 1
Medium Frequency Induction M/c (1000 Cycles) 1
Nitriding Furnace 1
Thermal Stability Testing Equipment 1
Vertical & Horizontal Mist Quenching M/c
(Up to 50T & 18M long jobs)
Electric H/T Pit Furnace up to 18 M Depth 1
Bogies Type H/T Furnace up to 12M x 6m x 3.5m 2
Bogies Type H/T Furnace up to 19M x 4m x 3m 2
Electric Pit Furnace dia 2.5M 1
Electric Pit Furnace dia 4.0 M 1

Testing Facilities:

Name of EquipmentModel No.
Balzers Exalograph for Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen1960
Spectrolab M-5M-5 1988
Quantron Magellan 2004
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer - 902902-1984
Metallurgical MicroscopeNeophot-1936
Image Analyzer2002
High Volume Air SamplerAPM-415
Stack Gas AnalyzerAPM-610
Universal Testing M/CZD-40, ZD-10
Brinell Hardness Testing M/CHPO - 3000
Vickers Hardness Testing M/CHPO-250
Rockwell Hardness Testing M/CHP-25
Notch Cutting M/C1044
Charpy Testing M/CPS-30
IZOD Testing M/CPS-30

Machining Facilities:

CNC Heavy Duty Gear ShaperPitch Dia Internal/External Gear 500 mm, Module Max 8mm
Maag Gear Shaper (Speciality - Narrow Gap Herringbone gears)Max. Dia 1800mm, Max. Module 18mm
Vertical Gear Hobbing M/CMax Job Dia 5M, Module 50 mm, Max. Width of Job 2M
Horizontal Gear Hobbing M/CMax Job Dia 5M, Module 40 mm, Max. Job Length 5.6M
Maag Gear Grinding MachinesMax. Dia 1800mm, Max. Module 0.5mm to 16mm
Lathes Max. swing over bed 4M
Max. distance between centres 20M
CNC Vertical Turning and Boring M/c (O&M Make) Max Job Dia 14M
Max Job weight 250T
CNC Planomilling M/c (Waldrich Coburg) Max. Job size 3.5M x 7M x 2.5M
Max Job weight 120T
CNC Hor. Boring M/c (Skoda Make) Max. Spindle Dia 200mm
Max Column Travel 20M
Gear Cutting M/c Max. Job dia 5M
Max. module 40mm (Hobbing


Machining of Bull Gear for Steel Plant

CNC Slant Bed Turning Centre Distance Between Centres - 1500mm
Swing Over carriage - 250mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Centre Table size 1000 x 1000mm
Travel 1800/1300/1000mm
CNC Vertical Machining Centre Table Size 500 x 500mm
Travel - x axis 1200mm, Y axis-510mm
& z axis - 510mm
CNC Horizontal Boring Machine Spindle Dia 200mm
Table size 3500 x 4000mm
CNC Heavy duty Gear Shaper (Liebherr Make) Pitch Dia - Internal Gear 500mm
External Gear 500mm
Module Max 8 m

Fabrication Facilities:

  • CNC Flame Cutting M/c (Tanaka Make) Max. Job size 25M x 6.2M - Up to 500mm thickness
  • Plate Bending Machine - for bending upto 80 mm plate thickness(for 1000 mm wide.)
  • Pipe bending machine for pipes 63 mm diameter.
  • Edge Planning Machine
  • MIG & TIG welding
  • Electro slag welding
  • Submerged arc welding machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machine

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