/// Steel Plant Equipments - Coke Oven Batteries

Coke Oven Battery (4.3 M to 7.0 M high) :Supplied to BSL, BSP VSP, DSP and Exported to Turkey, Egypt, USSR & Sri Lanka. Supplies include:

  • Coke Pusher
  • Coal Charging Car
  • Coke Guide Car
  • Coke Quenching Car
  • Red Hot Coke Car
  • Travelling hoist
  • Charging Hoist
  • Charging Device
  • Discharging Device
  • Door, Frame, Flash plate and Sealing Frames
  • Buckstays, Anchorages and Tie Rods
  • Gas Collecting Mains and Cross Over Gas Mains
  • Reversing Winch
  • Skip Hoist
  • Coal Tower Gates
  • Primary Gas Cooler and Benzol Stripping Column
  • Bend and Valve Assembly

Coke Oven Machine for Bhilai Steel Plant

Remote Controlled Wagon Pusher

Hot Coke Car
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