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  • HEC Ltd. has won "SCOPE AWARD" for Excellence and Outstanding contribution to Public Sector Management - Special Institutional (Turnaround) Category 2007-08.
  • Indian Nuclear Society (INS), Mumbai, a premiere organisation for encouraging the growth of science and technology in a nuclear field has recognized the efforts of HEC, in the category of 'Industrial Excellence'. The INS Industrial Excellence award is given to an Indian Industry that has, during the previous three years made a significant contribution in the nuclear field through innovative technology and management approaches.
  • HEC was bestowed with "BRPSE Turnaround Award 2010" In recognition to the metamorphosis in HEC, resulting in a turnaround of the Corporation,. The award was given by the Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE) on 10th March, 2011.
  • At the Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2010, held at Bangalore on 3rd & 4th Sept.2010 with the theme "Unleashing Positivity in the Workplace", HEC was awarded under "Innovation in HR Development &Change" for good work & internal development in HR processes.
  • HEC has been conferred with "BT - STAR PSU EXCELLENCE AWARD 2012" in TURN AROUND CATEOGORY for its outstanding contribution to the Industry. It recognized those who have driven India's rapidly transforming economy by providing the base on which today's Indian economy has grown and flourished.
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