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Indian Railways

Contribution to Indian Railways

HEC is a regular supplier of various Machine Tools including Special Purpose Machine Tools for different Railway Workshops, Crank Shafts to DLW, Varanasi for Diesel Locomotives.

Special Purpose Machine Tools supplied to Railways are:

  • Surface Wheel Lathes (Conventional and CNC version)
  • Under Floor Wheel Lathes (Conventional and CNC version)
  • Axle Journal Turning & Burnishing Machine

Loco being placed over Under Floor Wheel Lathe

Under Floor Wheel Lathe (LUW-170B)

Wheel Lathe: LW 140 B4

Defence Sector

Contributions of HEC

  • Complete manufacture of Assembly Indian Mountain Gun (MK-II)
  • Turret (Article) casting for T72 Tank
  • Forging and machining, including trepanning of 105 mm Gun Barrel
  • Forged Armour Plate
  • Cast Armour Plate
  • Propeller Shaft Assembly
  • Stern Gear System for INS Rana
  • Heat-treatment & machining of 120 mm Gun Barrel
  • Development of Special Steel and Heat treatment Technology for Bulb Bar
  • Development of Soft Iron for DMRL
  • Development of Special Steel for ATV Project
  • Machine tools like Deep Boring Machine, Horizontal Boring machine, CNC Vertical Boring Machine etc.

Propeller Shaft for Navy

Hot Strip Mill

Space Application

Contributions of HEC

  • Folding cum Vertically Repositionable Platforms (FCVRP) for space vehicle integration
  • Horizontal Sliding Door (HSD)
  • Mobile Lanch Pedestal (MLP)
  • Special Purpose 400T and 200T EOT Cranes, and Tower Crane
  • Forged Ring of Maraging steel of 2.8 m diameter for ISRO
  • Development of Special grade of steel for VSSC
  • High tech heavy duty structural
  • Heavy Duty CNC machine tools

10 T Hammer Head Tower Crane of HEC make installed at the top

Horizontal Sliding Door for Rocket Assembly


Nuclear Sector

Contributions of HEC

  • Successfully manufactured special forging for nuclear pressure vessel.
  • The ultra clearn liquid steel has been made with close control of chemical composition & impurities.
  • Established the technological processes and controls needed to make forgings for nuclear power sector.
  • Super Conducting Cyclotron to VECC

Super Conducting Cyclotron Magnet

HEC Future Plans

  • Castings/Forgings for nuclear power plant in the rane up to 500-1000 MW
  • Fabrication & Machining of various components required for nuclear power plant in the range up to 500-1000 MW.
  • Manufacture of components like:
    - Reactor Pressure Vessel
    - Maiin Vessel/Inner Vessel
    - Radiation Shield Assembly
    - Turbine
    - Shell Forging
    - Various types of Nozzles etc.


  • Huge Fabrication Facility
  • Special Forging of Nuclear Quality
  • Quality Machining and Heat Treatment
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Skilled Knowledge Base
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