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Key Persons

Chief of Plant (Foundry Forge Plant) Dr. A.K.Dash
Phone No.: 91-651-2401210
Email: akdash@hecltd.com
Fax : 91-651-2401323

Chief of Plant (Heavy Machine Building Plant) Chandra Shekhar
Phone No.: 91-651-2401184
Email: chandrashekhar@hecltd.com
Fax : 91-651-2401166

Incharge (Heavy Machine Tools Plant) A.K.Kanth
Phone No.: 91-651-2401196
Email: akkanth@hecltd.com
Fax : 91-651-2401124

Chief of Projects V.K.Sinha
Phone No.: 0651-2401355/2401062
Fax: 0651-2401533
Email: vksinha@hecltd.com

Incharge (HRD)
Phone No.: 0651-2401156

Incharge (Finance) Phone No.: 0651-2401422
Fax: 0651-2400574

Company Secretary Abhay Kanth
Phone No.: 0651-2401439
Email: sect@hecltd.com

Public Relation & CPIO H.K.Gupta, SDGM/PR/HEC
Phone No.: 0651-2401263
Email: pro@hecltd.com

IT Manager Deoraj Dinesh
Phone No.: 91-651-2401449
Email: ddinesh@hecltd.com

Recruitment Section Phone No.: 0651-2400341
Email: recruitment@hecltd.com

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