/// Steel Plant Equipments - Steel Melting Converters

Steel Melting Converters : Supplied to BSL, BSP, VSP, DSP, RSP, Malvika steel plants, Indomag( Jindal) 5 nos Converters and 10 nos Mixers supplied.

L.D.Convertors 55T, 100T & 130 T
Hot Metal Mixer 600T, 1300T
Self Propelled Transfer Car 130T
Steel Ladle transfer car 50T, 100T, 200T, 250T, 300T
Hot metal transfer car 100T, 140T
Slag Pot transfer car 16M3, 18M3
Ingot Mould car 160T, 180T
Ladles & Stands 40T to 100 T

120 T Hot Metal Ladle

Slag Ladle Car
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