Over the years HEC absorbed and assimilated technology from various internationally renowned organizations.

M/s HITACHI ( Japan )Forged RollTechnology
M/s RANSOM & RAPIER (UK)Walking DRAGLINE for open cast mines
M/s BUCYRUS-ERIE (USA)10 Cu.M. Excavators for open cast mines
M/s O&K ORENSTRIN & KOPPELAG (Germany)Hydraulic Excavators for coal mines
M/s GHH STERKRADE (Germany)Mine Winders & Vertical Transportation System
M/s DEMAG LAUCHHAMMER (Germany)Stackers, Reclaimers etc.
M/s SMS SCHLOEMANN SIEMAG (Germany)Continuous Casting Plants
M/s Schelke Eisenhutte Maschinefabrick GMBH, GermanyNew generation Coke Oven Machines
M/s Benxi Iron & Steel Group Crane Works Ltd., (China)Torpedo Ladle Cars
M/s WOODAL DUCKHAM (UK)Low Temperature Carbonisation & Gas Cleaning
M/s SKODA, CKD BLANSKO, TOS of CSSRGeneral purpose m/c tools like Radial Drills, Planing, Lathes, Horzontal & Vertical Boring machines
M/s HERKULES (Germany)Roll Grinding machines
M/s HEGENSCHEIDT (Germany)Special purpose Railway m/c tools, meant for wheel & axle journal turning of all types of railway wheel sets
M/s BOEHRINGER (Germany)Plano Milling machines
M/s O-M (Japan)Vertical Borers
M/s CREUSOT LOIRE (France)Diesel Locomotive Crank Shafts thro' the continuous-grain-flow process known as R-R Process
M/s NATIONAL FORGE COMPANY (USA)Diesel Locomotive Crank Shaft for Nitriding & finish machining
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