HEC was set up in the backward area of Chhotanagpur in the eastern part of India. The company feels it has the responsibility for welfare of the people in the neighboring area as well as for the development of the area. Doctors and medical staff of HEC regularly visit the neighbouring villages for free medical treatment, vaccination and creating health awareness.

HEC also functions towards development of skills of high order. It runs a training institute and a nursing school since more than four decades. The HEC training institute imparts industrial training to local youths to develop technical skill and make them self reliant.

A large industrial area set up near HEC for ancillary support for small fabrications, castings, forgings, machining, electrical repair shop etc. HEC facilitates the entrepreneurs by placing orders on them and help accomplish the assignments by imparting training, technical know-how as well as management skills. This encourages the entrepreneurship in the area.

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