/// Steel Plant Equipments - Other Equipments to Steel Sectors

Sinter Plant Equipment (75-312 sqm) 24 nos. supplied to BSL,BSP, VSP,Turkey, USSR.
General Purpose & Steel Plant Cranes 300 nos. supplied to BSL, BSP, VSP, (upto 450T capacity) RSP, TISCO, BHEL, CIL, Malvika steel
Slag Cups Supplied to BSL, BSP, VSP, DSP, RSP, TISCO.
Machines Tools 150 nos supplied to BSL, BSP, VSP, RSP, TISCO, NINL
Rolling Mills of various types & sizes 19 nos. including 3600 MW wide plate mill
Mixer (600 to 1300 T) 10 nos.
Steel Melting Converter (55 to 300 T) 10 nos.

BULL GEAR Assembly (72T)

Mill Stand for RSP

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