/// Mining Equipments - Electric Rope Shovels (5 CuM)

Rugged design suitable for mining Coal, Iron ore and other minerals in open cast mines. Easy to maintain and one of the most reliable shovel in this capacity range.

HEC supplied over 550 shovels for various mining organisations in India and treated as one of the most reliable mining shovels operating in Indian mining condition.

Important Parameters :

Bucket Size 5 CuM
Boom Length 10.5 M
Max. Digging Radius 14.4 M
Max. Digging Height 10.3 M
Max. Dumping Radius 12.65M
Max. Dumping Height 6.7 M
Hoist Force 45 T
 Crowd Force 20.5 T

  • Individual DC drives for main mechanisms - hoist, crowed and swing / travel system.
  • MG set with 250 KW squirrel cage induction motor as prime mover and 3 DC generators, one each for hoist, crowed and swing / travel system.
  • Magnetic amplifier controlled.
  • Electrical supply 3.3 / 6.6 KV, 50Hz, 3
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