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18.12.2014 - Launch of GSLV Mark III from Second Launch Pad, Sriharikota makes HEC proud

Contribution to GSLV Mark III

On 18.12.14, ISRO has made India proud again by its successful launch of India's next generation launch vehicle GSLV Mark III. It is said to be one of the most powerful and heaviest. GSLV Mark III has been launched from the second launch pad of ISRO at Sriharikota.

HEC extends its heartiest wishes to ISRO and simultaneously thanks them to give an opportunity to HEC to be part of its success.

It is a matter of great pride for HEC to have contributed in the Second Launch Pad Project of ISRO at Sriharikota. With every launch from the second launch pad, ISRO makes HEC proud.

HEC had supplied the Mobile Launch Pad (MLP), the Tower Crane, the Horizontal Sliding Doors, 400T EOT Crane and the Folding-cum-Vertically repositionable platform installed for assembly of launch vehicles.

HEC had executed the design; manufacture and erection of the Mobile launch Pedestal (MLP). The MLP had a total weight of approx. 800T and it comprised of nine modules which were fabricated at HEC and assembled at site. The MLP carries the integrated vehicle from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch site, in vertical position using a rail track and the launch takes place in the same position.

The 10T Tower crane installed at the top of Umbilical tower at a height of 80m had been designed to sustain huge wind pressure. The Horizontal Sliding Doors had special features such as Cyclone Locks and Rain-water sealing arrangement.

From the second launch pad, India has successfully launched its other prestigious missions such as Chandrayaan - I and other Communication satellites.

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